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Membership Application

Step 01
Step 02

General Information

Employment History

Experience Summary

Step 03

Hospitality Industry Experience

Please indicate which of the following areas of the hospitality industry you have worked and approximate length of time in each area:

Education/Professional Education

Other Professional Organization Memberships

Step 04

List of Hotels that You have Specific Asset Management Responsibility For

Step 05

Criteria for membership

  • A member who fills the fundamental criteria of a practicing hotel asset manager may be self-employed or employed by any company with ownership interest in hotel real estate, including those companies involved in hotel management, hotel franchising, or operating a hotel brand.
  • A member must be primarily involved in hotel lodging asset management activity.
  • A member must have authority and independence to make decisions in the best interest of the ownership of the asset.
  • The number of members from one company is limited to 10%. The current membership is 200 therefore the limit is 20 members.
  • A member must attend three meetings in three years.
  • HAMA Board of Directors reserves the right for membership admittance in accordance with the HAMA By-Laws. Certain exceptions are made for members of academia.
  • A member must have a minimum of 2 years of experience in the practice of asset management as outlined above.
  • Regular visitation to asset managed hotel(s) is required.
  • A member must have direct oversight and fiduciary responsibility for individual asset(s).
  • A member must have approval authority over budgets and capital expenditures

  I affirm that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and I qualify for membership in accordance with the HAMA By-Laws and membership criteria.

Checklist of Membership Requirements